Monday, September 17, 2007

NMCA in Atlanta

After a week of rest, it was time to get back out to the track. The Embry-Riddle jet team loaded up and headed back on the road. We had all of the crew scheduled to come up and join the fun. We were asked to a display for the events sponsor Nitto/Toyo tire. It was a lot of fun to share what we do with the many people who work to make sure our tires are made correctly.

Friday evening and we head to the race track to drop off the trailer and get some sleep to get ready for the big weekend. Saturday morning and our crew all arrive. E. Lowe brought Chuck and Chris from south Florida, Russ and Bob drove in from Embry-Riddle and Mike lived close by. It was nice to have ALL of the crew there. Saturday morning and we were happy to be at the race track. After we set up our display, Andrew took off to watch racing. I went to say HI to all of my vendor friends that we have made over the last few weeks. We were scheduled for two runs each day. The first pass, the car ran a little slow thanks to driver error, but the second pass, the car ran well. We packed up for the night and headed for dinner for some great food After we headed back to the hotel to jump in the pool. Little did we know how cold the pool would be, but still we had fun.

Sunday morning and we are back at the track for more fun. We started the day with Chapel Service. It was a cool morning but what a way to start the day. The rest of the day went by fast. We made two more nice safe passes, and then loaded up the team as we had to drive to get Andrew back in school Monday morning. YIKES!!! We made it back in time and Andrew was back in school first thing. Back to our normal life.

We have a couple of weeks off. There are a lot of projects coming up for Larsen Motorsports. Big announcements and lots of great racing action yet to be completed this year. Keep up with us and we wind down the 2007 year in the Southeast. Keep up with the schedule and watch for some exciting news.

c ya,

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Working on Labor Day

Labor Day weekend was all about work, okay so maybe not so much work as racing. We spent the weekend in Columbus, OH racing for the NMRA. We left for the race on Thursday afternoon, flying out of Orlando into Charlotte, NC to pick up the truck and trailer. We hit the road and met up with Danny O'Day (Super Wench wheelstander). Danny had fixed one of our fuel tanks and did an amazing job. Thanks Danny. The next morning and we drove the rest of the way. We were excited for this event as I was meeting up with my sister and her family.

We were scheduled to do a display at Hooters on Friday evening. It went well and we packed up the car for race day. Saturday morning and it was very cool outside, but there was a lot of cars getting ready to make their first laps. We set up and started the day. I was scheduled to make two passes on Saturday and two on Sunday. The car ran well, and we packed up for the night.

We decided to go our for Japanese with my sisters family and our sponsor George from Syngery Coatings who also joined us for the weekend. The food was good but the chief was great. We all enjoyed a nice dinner and back to the room to get rest for the next day. Sunday morning and we are packing up and heading to the track. The car ran well again, and We had the opportunity to met some great fans. I was sad to see my sister leave, but we had to put some miles behind us so we could get home.

We spent one night and made it home about 7:30 on Monday evening in order to watch the US Nationals. We are now home for the next week and no race this weekend. It is time for a breather. The plan is to get everything caught up, and then we hit the road again for Atlanta, GA for a NMCA race.

Sparkplug is back in school, so it is homework at night and getting in bed early. Keep up with our schedule as we may be coming to a city near you.

See you on the road.