Monday, June 15, 2009

Back Home Again

It feels so good to be home. I am sitting in my favorite chair with Nitro sitting here with me, Chris talking on the phone (of course) and Andrew playing basketball with his friend Nelson. Life is good. I made homemade double chocolate chip cookies and dunked them in ice cold milk. Wow can you say paradise!!!!! But we have to back up a little. We left our house almost two weeks ago to fly out for the next race. Our first stop is Maple Grove, PA We are heading out to race for the NMCA. We have never been to this track and I am very excited. The only problem is that it is raining when we get into town on Friday. Not cool. One of my good friends Jill is coming in to hang with us at the races. We met up on Friday night and got to bed early for the fun day at the races. It was Jill's first time at the Drag Races and I was really excited to put her on the starting line. Saturday we made two nice passes and I think Jill went back a little extra crispy!!! Sunday and we are back at the races. We made a great pass and then it was time to hit the road. The only problem is I had made some great friends at the track. We said our goodbyes and then started out for Michigan where we were going to our next race.

Okay, I did not think the roads could get any worse, Nitro even went air born, talk about bumpy. When we dropped the trailer off at the Roush Museum for a display later in the week, we were still bouncing in the truck. We figured out that we had lost our airbag in the back of the truck. Well that explains everything. Chris's cousin owns a trailer dealer, we pulled in and they took great care of us. Both of our families live in central Michigan, so it was off to see family. Lunch at Uncle Johns, and then dinner later with my sisters and their families. I can feel my pants getting tighter. Only one night to spend with family and then back on the road.

Chris dropped me off at a friends house who lives near our display. We have been friends with the Kempf's for several years. We first met on a cruise ship when our kids were very small. We have since vacationed a lot together and stayed real close. Andrew and I hung at the house while Chris went to do business. Later that night, you guessed it, back out to eat. The next morning it was all work. We were scheduled to place the dragster into the Roush Museum to display with several of the top NASCAR drivers along with Jack and Susan Roush. Susan and I sat together signing autographs for most of the evening, it was girl power all of the way.

The next morning and we had to set up for the races. Rest, are you kidding me. We get everything set up and make our pass, last car down the track 10;45 P.M. Back to the hotel for a little rest and then back to the track at the Milan Dragway for the NMRA. Saturday morning and we had better be all hands on deck as our families and friends are coming out to the races. It was cloudy but believe it or not no rain in sight and the race went off perfect!!!! We made our passes and it was so much fun to see my sister in the stands cheering me on. Worth all of the work to get here.

No rest yet, we still have to tear everything down so we can hit the road first thing in the morning. Thanks JIM for the help. We get back to the hotel and crash. Now comes the fun part, the long drive home. We made it half way the first day and then finally we are back to the beginning of this blog. Me sitting in the chair. See, that chocolate chip cookies sounds pretty good right now. No rest as we have to fight those new car blues and get the new car up and running for our next race, Atlanta Dragways Night of Fire. I think I need more cookies.

luv ya,