Monday, January 09, 2017

To Tell The Truth!!!

So recently my life has been a little crazy!!!  From racing jet dragsters, being the CFO and President of Larsen Motorsports, licensing new jet drivers planing the 2017 season and all of the other stuff on my plate; when ABC called and asked if I would like to be on a game show, I of course said YES!!!

So a little bit about the show first.  To Tell the Truth is a show that started back in 1956 and ran until I believe 1968.  The premise of the show is a person of notoriety and two impostors try to match wits with a panel of four celebrities.  The object of the game is to fool the celebrities. They brought this iconic show back last year (2016) on ABC!!   (I AM SO IN!!!)  Before we flew out to LA for filming, we worked for weeks on back stories, wardrobe, photos videos etc. so that we would have everything handled before we got there.

We we arrived in LA they had put us up in this beautiful hotel where all of the other contestants were staying.  We were all supposed to meet in the lobby and a car would take us to the studios.  We had signed a bunch of non disclosure paperwork before this so we were all pretty tight lipped on the ride over, but we all looked each other up and down trying to decide what each of us brought to the table.  The studio we filmed on was the American Idol set, so pretty cool!!  We went to hair and make up and got the meet the impostors!!!  This is where it gets really fun.  My impostors were a female police officer and a guy.......(we will get back to that).  It was my job during hair and make up to give them more of a back story so they could help me fool the judges.  I was sworn to tell the truth, but the impostors could have some fun!!!

After hair and make up we went on the set, it was HUGE, much larger than I thought, about 200 people could fit in the audience and there were a lot of lights!!!  It looks just like it does on TV, a very cool set!!  We did our walk through and  we back to get wardrobe.  Ours was the first segment to film, no time for nerves, lights camera action!!!  I messed my first line up!!!  Yep we had to re set and film again (glad you didn't see that)  OMG!!!!  After the butterflies went away, I had the chance to just take in what was really happening.  I was sitting on a film set in LA with celebrities talking about drag racing the sport I LOVE!!!

Before you knew it, it was over and the music played, I stood and then it was all over!!!  Talk about an adrenaline rush!!!  No time to rest, we went back to make up where the guy on the panel went under his transformation from Joshua to Rhea Lite a drag queen!!!  She would make her appearance at the end of the show.

So more about the other impostor, Ellie, she was so amazing to meet, a strong powerful female, that has taken charge of her life.  Her name is FitCopMom, if you can guess, she is totally into fitness and is just amazing.

About the others on the show, everyone was just so much fun, none of us had done anything like this before and the ride back to the hotel, I think we were a little shell shocked not believing what we had just done.

I have to thank my hubby for flying out with me, my team back at the shop who always makes me look good, the fans for tuning in, the sponsors and partners that make this all happen and last but not least To Tell the Truth!!  I was able to bring what we do to an audience that is in the millions.

So now it is time to get back to work, (okay driving jet cars is pretty cool and I don't consider it work) but all of those other things they make me do here : (    and get ready for the 2017 season!!  Thanks for always being the best part of my day!!!

See you at the races!!

luv ya,

Friday, September 30, 2016

Time on my Hands

Well here we are, the end of September, it is my favorite time and year and my least favorite time of year.  I love the change in the weather, cooler temps. 85 lol, but I hate that the racing season is coming to a close.  This has been a totally different year for the Larsen Motorsports teams.  The past couple of years we were running for a championship and really miss that racing family.  This year, we changed our focus and stayed closer to home working on our 6th generation of jet dragster and licensing new drivers.  It has been great to put some time in our new facility and really get into the shop work that we haven't been able to do in the past few years.  It has also given me extra time to work on projects that I have just been too busy to look at.

First on my list......Blaze!!!  She is coming back with a vengeance.  She has new stories that we can't wait to tell.  With a Relit attitude she is ready for 2017.

Next, new opportunities!!!  I met Kat Redner over a year ago, and she has been working hard at Larsen Motorsports.  Now you won't see a lot of photos and videos of her, why?  Because she has been the one behind the camera highlighting everything we do here.  Soon it is going to be her time to get in front of the camera and have her turn.  Other opportunities will be an exciting new 2017 schedule which will be coming out soon with new races and new faces.

That's it for now.  Keep checking back and don't forget to follow all me on social media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We will see you all at the races!
luv ya,

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting Ready for the Big Go.

So here we are packed and the cars are on the way for one of the most prestigious drag races on the planet, the US Nationals. I can't tell you how excited we are to be a part of this event. Now don't get me wrong, I love the funny cars, the dragsters, the pro stocks, but the sportsman that have worked so hard and traveled so far to get to this race inspires me.

Kat Moller and I will be making passes Friday and Saturday night to close the event and we are locked, loaded, and ready to make fire!  If you are there stop by and say hi, if you can't make it follow my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all the racing action.

Luv ya,

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Why Me??

Hey guys, I know that it has been awhile since my last blog.   As always, so much has happened.  Here is a quick recap. 

January  - Worked hard to get the shop ready for the VIP and public open house
February – Time to get to work on the 2016 race season
March – Time to go racing and had a visit from some friends from down under, took a bite out of the Gators and was awarded the Dick Moroso Award 
April -  We took to the skies and displayed at the Melbourne Airshow and went 4 wide at ZMAX dragway in Charlotte, NC
May – We got Mustang fever at the NMRA Ford Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway. 

Yep, that about does it.  Is it time to sleep yet??  LOL NEVER!!!  I have to say, if you would have asked me just a couple of years ago if I thought we would ever have been where we are today, in this beautiful facility with amazing partners, with, in my opinion, the best dang race team, I would have never seen this coming.  I am just a farm girl from Michigan, married to her high school sweetheart, have one son, who likes me most of the time and the cutest Pug on the planet, I have to ask, why me??  Why have I been chosen for this life?  I have been called to run these race cars, it is a passion that runs through my veins.  It occupies most of my thoughts and is a fire in my belly. 

This weekend, I had the opportunity to just relax at the races just a bit, yes I do relax, and reflect as I was blasting down the quarter mile.  I am so blessed to be able to work with my team.  They are young, and have a lot to learn, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. 

So what’s next……HAHAHA just wait.  I have some surprises up my sleeve.  As always stay tuned and we will see you at the races.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fueling a Champion!!

What a season it has been! The 2015 season was one for the books.  We introduced a new jet dragster driver, Shea Holbrook to the LMS team, licensed Jake Elliott, yes a boy, and traveled to many races--some even twice!  At the end of the day, along with my crew chief, Paige Sanchez, we were able to come out on top in points to take our second IHRA Jet Dragster World Championship!!

Taking a moment to look back so we can enjoy the view we have in front of us now, Chris and I have traveled long and sometimes rocky roads.  From our start bracket racing at Orlando Speed World to the creation of our very first Jet Dragster, Miss Ta Fire, we have always known that this is the path that we wanted to travel.  The list of people that have helped us along the way, all of the crew, family, neighbors and of course the amazing sponsors that help our teams live our dreams, will always hold a place in our heart and shop!!!

How did we get here?  A lot of work and some great decisions, all made possible with the support of our sponsors.  We have been so blessed to partner with companies like Miller Welding, Matrix Systems Automotive Finishes, Applied Racing Components, and our newest affiliate, Florida Institute of Technology.  These companies have truly enabled us to have such an impact in the racing community.

For those of you who know some of our background, you know that we recently moved from Daytona Beach to Palm Bay, FL.  Chris and I have always had this dream, the dream to make a difference.  This dream came true!!  Located in the heart of the Space Coast, we have everything we have ever wanted!!  The support of great partners and now a world class facility to build World Championship teams.

This year, Paige and I proved that #GirlPower can get things done!!  We only have 3 match races left this year until we park the cars for the season.  It will be a sad time as Orlando marks Marisha Falk's last full time race with LMS.  She is moving on with her career and family!  We want to wish her well, but you never know when she may decide to hop back in and teach us all a lesson!!  Kat has finished up her second season with the teams and I could not be prouder!!  She has come so far in her driving skills, giving us a run for our money all season.  The newest driver, Shea, took home an Ironman in San Antonio, proving she's got the right stuff to drive these land locked missiles.  But the unsung heroes? The team.  Andrew Larsen, Jake Elliott, Mike Mathes, Paige Sanchez, Dewayne Hill, Corey Weigand, Brian Tocci, all of the interns working so hard back at the shop, the husband Chris and, of course, the best for last: NITRO!!!  Not one of us girls could have made a single pass without you all working so hard and giving us the cars to get down the track.  You guys are the rock stars!

So this brings me to 2016.  A lot is going on at Larsen Motorsports; a new address, new interns, new drivers, new crew chiefs, new sponsors, and of course a lot of fun.

Fasten your seat belts, we've only been running in 1st gear, get ready to drop the hammer!!!

luv ya,

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Hey guys! The other day I was on Facebook and it pulled up a memory and asked if I wanted to add it to my timeline.  This memory was from 5 years ago.  It's funny because as everyone else is celebrating Labor Day, I celebrate something else.

Five years ago, I was racing for NMRA in Columbus, OH.  It was Saturday morning and when we arrived at the track it was cool and there was a gusty wind.  I remember the gusting wind that day because we had to take our awning down the night before after doing a display at the corn festival. When we got the call that it was time to run, I suited up and got ready to make the pass, just like I had done hundreds of times before.  I remember Chris buckling me in really tight, the RFC pastor praying for a safe pass and then rolling onto the track.  Just like every time before, we started the car and Chris took off down the track to position himself for the end of the race.  Line show, stage, light turns green and go!!!

It was a single pass, and I was in the left lane, 330 foot all good, 660 foot still looking good, 1000 foot mark good, focus on the finish line.  1200 foot, not so good. The car makes a sharp turn to the right and  directly into the wall.  It rolls on its side, fuel tank lets go, fire in the back.  Car rolls on the side sliding down the wall.  I remember sliding, sliding, sliding...and wondering if it was ever going to stop.  Pushed up against the wall, I see one thing......Chris.  He is barreling down the track coming at me as fast as he can.  I hear him saying, "I got you!"  Me? I am in shock, just sitting there unable to move.  I hear them working on the fire in the back, I feel Chris's hand on me saying " Okay, You're Okay!" Then the car is getting flipped back over and and everything comes back into focus.  I look up and see the man I love standing there taking care of me as always.  My Knight in Shining Armor!!

The next question is "Are you hurt?" and "Why did this happen?"  A lot of people focused on the first question.  Chris kept himself up at night thinking, thinking, thinking How did this happen?  Me, I just wanted it to go away and get back to racing.  Things wouldn't be so easy.  I was hurt and it took me about 6 weeks to recover from my injuries.  That was the easy part.  All of our confidence had been broken.  Confidence in car and me.

Chris and I had two choices, lick our wounds and quit racing, or buckle down and figure out what happened.  My crash was a turning point at Larsen Motorsports.  Before this, we felt on top of the world.  Indestructible!!!   As we found out, that was not the case.  A lot changed; our focus changed and our plans changed.  After that day, neither of us would ever be the same.  Our innocence was gone, replaced with determination!!

So back to the Facebook memory. Do I want to remember? No. It was a painful time in our lives. But do I ever want to forget? NEVER!!! That day put us on the course was are still on today, and that is something that we choose to celebrate!!

Thanks for reading,
luv ya,
My Hero!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rain Rain go AWAY!!!!!

Life is a jet racer isn't always as it may seem!!  We have our good days and then we have our rainy days!!!  The Larsen Motorsports teams hit the road for our summer IHRA Nitro Jam tour and our first stop was at Cordova, IL  We decided to make a quick detour, chocolate was calling my name, so we stopped to visit a friend at the Nestle factory first!!!  My inner fat kids was dying  to get out!!!  So cool, we were able to see where the morsels as wells as the butterfingers and nestle crunch bars were made.  I restrained my self!!!  LOL

It was a struggle to fit in my firesut that weekend let me tell you!!!  Believe it or not, we actually had a race to go to, onward!!!  Friday night and we made our first pass and then......the rain!!!  Saturday was even worse, the rain would just not stop and the temperature had dropped so there was no hope to get the race in.  We loaded up and headed to the next race in Budds Creek!!  

The IHRA always does a great job with the press, but they really hit a home run on this one!!  Front page of the sports section in the Washington Post!!!  

Ready for a great race weekend!  One pass complete and getting ready for the second pass and you guess it.....Mother Nature strikes again!!!  This was one wicked storm!  
Yet again, we move onward to the next race in Grand Bend!  We had a couple of days before the race to visit Chris's and my family!  We like to take time to have some fun, so with that being said, what better way to go back to Michigan and hit Silver Lake!!  Sand Dunes, quads and crazy racers, what could possibly go wrong!!!  Well it isn't a trip unless someone takes it a little too far!  Who could it be you : (  I decided that jumping sand dunes was a lot of fun on the quad and got in over my head!  It flipped on me and let me just tell you, I will not be playing with things that do not have roll cages on them!!!  Bruised ribs and even bigger bruised ego, let's go racing!!!  Right?????  Grand Bend and we load in, first pass, painful, but happy to be back in the race car!!  Things are looking up!  Saturday comes and we wake up to......RAIN!!!  You ca't make this up!!  No chance for clearing and the IHRA made the decision to postpone the race until August!!  Okay this is getting on my nerves now!!  

Time to hit the road again and head west!!!  Spokane, WA here we come.  Let me let you in on a little secret, that is a LONG way!!!!!!  Holy cow, I really need to get a map and look at these things before we leave home!!  But hey, we still get to race cars so suck it up and drive girl!!  In order to keep morale up, we decided to make a couple of stops along the way.  Mount Rushmore was first on the list!!  
Road Warriors!!! 
We then stopped in Montana for a visit with friends that moved!!  I have never felt so small!!  There are more cows in Montana than people!!!  Gorgeous country to drive through, loving my job at this point.  As we got closer to Spokane, the weather app on my phone just kept tempting me.  I had heard rumors that it had not rained there in a couple of months and there were fire hazards.  I thinking our chances of getting a race in was pretty darn good!!  We get to Spokane and do the pre race press, set up the rigs, and get ready for racing!!  A graduate from Florida Institute of Technology, Blair, flew out as well and one of our interns Corey decided to make the trip!!  
Ready for our close up!!
We are really really ready to race!!!  Hear we go, Friday and we make both of our qualifying passes!!!  OH YEA!!!!   Things are going our way!!  Right......WRONG!!!  It starts to rain.  We are thinking, no problem, they haven't had rain for months, it will just be quick.  Saturday morning and still raining!!   Not cool!!  But the IHRA worked very hard and as soon as the rain stopped, they had the track ready to race and race we did!!!  I ended up loosing in the final against Marisha, but hey we were racing.  

Next stop Edmonton, AB but of course we have to make a couple of pit stops along the way right!!  Most of the team stayed on the road, so we headed into Seattle for some fun!!  Space Needle, check, Boeing Factory, check, Fisherman's Wharf, check, Mr. Explosive's house, CHECK!!  Onward to Canada!!  The countryside was some of the prettiest we have ever seen and we had such a great time!!  I had a front tire bow on the truck.   We were coming off a mountain, scary, but hey who better to have with you than the crew chiefs of all of the teams!!  5 minutes and we were back on the road.  
Just Beautiful!!
We loaded into the race track, did our pre race media and we were ready to race!!  Friday came and we got the 1st pass out of the way!!  Looking good!!  Saturday we woke up to yes believe this......RAIN!!!  Thinking at this point we just can't win.  But hey the glass is always half full!!  We took advantage of the rain day to head to the mall and go ice skating!!  Great team building and Kat got the chance to show us her stuff!!!  
YIKES I had better stick to racing!
Can you believe this, no broken bones!!  Sunday we wake up to......SUN SUN SUN SUN!!!!   Boys and girls, let's go racing!!!  The IHRA did another fabulous job getting the track ready and we were ready!!  I ended up in the finals against Kat, and she got the Iron Man!!  At this point the Miller team is still in the points lead, but I have to find away to cut better lights or we will never win!!  No time to pout, home we are coming HOME!  After 40 days on the road, the road warriors arrived back safe and sound in Melbourne, FL  Rest??  LOL no time for that, we have a shop to put together!  It's all rock and roll!!  Stay tuned the best is yet to come!!!

see you at the races luv ya,