Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Testing and beyond

Well after a great vacation there is no time to rest, it is off to test the brand new ERAU Jet!!! Now where are we going to go??? First we try Bradenton, FL but no luck as it rained. So now where?? Well we call the race track PBIR in West Palm and they say sure bring her over. So off to the races for Friday and Saturday. Friday we get a couple of shots down the track, and then it rains. Saturday we make a couple of passes before the rains hit again. The car is getting there and we are working out some of the new car bugs. Unfortunately we had to pack it up as bad weather was heading in. So we loaded up and headed to yet one more dragstrip. Gainesville, FL was having a run day Sunday, so guess what, where there is a race track open, we are heading out. We loaded and our spirits were up and we were ready to kick a little butt!!! Well the first pass, still working on bugs and by the end of testing we are getting there, but not good enough to take the new girl on the road for the next few races.
We load the new car back in the trailer and head back home. Our heads are hanging a little, but you know what, things are not as bad as we are thinking. First, we have a beautiful state of the art brand new jet dragster that is going to FLY, she may be giving us some problems, but as they say nothing that is worth while is easy. Second, we have a GREAT Embry-Riddle Jet dragster that I have been running for the past 2 years and she is not ready to take a back seat. Third, we have a wonderful car, which is my original Jet dragster the Miss Ta Fire that is wanting to come out of retirement.
We decided to hit the road a little early as and take a little time to smell the roses on the way to the next race. We found this spot that is amazing, just north of Chattanooga, TN. We rented a floating cabin and stayed for a couple of days. But the sound of burning rubber was calling and we had to get to the next show. Route 66 here we come!!!
We pulled into the track on Thursday evening and the clouds just let go. We dropped the trailer and headed to the hotel. We ordered some Chicago style pizza. Got to bed early to get ready for a huge weekend of racing. The Superbowl of Dragracing!!!!
Friday morning and can you say BRRRRR!! I was not not ready for the cool weather. We were scheduled to make 3 passes over the weekend. One pass per day. Friday night and we were the last car down the track. We make a nice pass and then meet up with family that made the trip to come and see us. Saturday morning and we get back to the track. The place is crazy packed. Food lines, entry lines and they are going to get their money's worth!!!! Amazing drag racing, amazing weather and records are being set on the track. We make our pass and then load up for the night. Sunday is coming soon. One more pass down the 1/4 mile and then it is time for us to become fans. We get to watch some of our friends go for the Superbowl Championship. I am happy to say my girl Susan the She Devil kicked it. Congrats Susan!!!
Well we hung out till the end but we had to hit the road and head even further north. We dropped the trailer at Oshkosh for the next event. The EAA Air Venture show. We head for the airport and fly home. Now my good friend Curt is here hanging out, but not for long. Saturday we head back to work the airshow and then we are going to the Night Under Fire at Summit Raceway Park in Norwalk, OH. Now if you have been living under a rock and don't know what this show is, you need to check it out!!! I cannot wait. John Force and the entire gang is going to be there. 4 four jet dragsters and Bob Motz with his jet semi. A combination for success!!! This summer is heating up!!! See you at the races.
luv ya,

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can you say VACATION!!!

We start out our vacation with one last race. We head to Atlanta Dragway to do their annual Night of Fire. This is a great family race as we always celebrate our 4th of July with our racing family at the race track. Friday we load in and do our display at Walmart and then head to the hotel for some great pizza and swimming in the pool. Saturday morning and the kids head back to the pool and I get ready for the full day of racing. HOT HOT HOT is the best way to describe the race. Man I thought Florida got a little toasty, but by 12:00 it was steaming. I mean literally steaming. We had a rain shower and the steam was pouring off the track. I thought it would cool things off but wow it got sticky. Talk about true racers. The Jr. dragsters drivers were real sports. They raced in all of that heat and were amazing. It is the largest group of Jr. drivers that I had seen in a while. They are amazing.

So we were supposed to make two passes on Saturday night and then the fireworks were going to go off at 10:00. We pull into the staging lanes @ 6:30 p.m. and were schedule to blast off @ 7:00. Unfortunately a racer in front of us had a problem on the track and oiled it down, and I mean the entire track. It took over 2 hours to clean up. We road down the return road throwing out t-shirts and hats in some guys in the Army. Pretty cool. I was racing Hojo and Casey Jones and the trains were on hand to give the crowd what they came for. We were only able to make one lap down the track as time was running out for the fireworks. They were awesome. After the show, Chris and they guys get everything loaded up I finish up with the fans and then we hit the road.

Now we really really have to hit the road, our vacation is starting in just a few hours. Our friends from Michigan flew in while we were racing and we were all scheduled to board a cruise ship in Tampa by 12:00 on Sunday. There was no time to stop, and we rolled into the house @ 9:30 a.m. jumped in the shower and hit the road. We were all ready for some R&R. First day was just floating at sea. Second day was Grand Caymans and sting rays. Third day Cozumel and the beach, fourth day is Belize and cave tubing, last but not least is Roatan and shopping in the port. Then to finish it all off we had the last day at sea.

This was the best vacation we have ever had. We rested and got all caught up to hit the ground running for the race season that is coming up. I will post vacation pics real soon. Hope you all enjoyed the 4th and can't wait to see you at the races.

luv ya,