Monday, November 16, 2009

The final PUSH!!!

Well, it has been a very long time we have just been slammed. I do not know where the time goes, but between racing, being a wife, mom and trying to run a business makes me wonder how I keep my head above water sometimes. But we have one final PUSH to finish up the year.

The good news is we are in the state of Florida for the remainder of the year. YES!!!!! Okay so are you ready for the next 4 weeks schedule hang on cuz here we go:

November 18 Guest speaker at the Great American Teach In
November 19 Display Embry-Riddle Daytona Beach
November 19 Drop trailer and set up for the Orlando Night of Fire
November 21 Orlando Night of Fire
November 22 Homestead (yes Homestead) NASCAR display fan zone
November 26 Cook Thanksgiving Dinner YUM YUM
November 27 Celebrate Andrew and Nitro's Birthday and drive to West Palm for the Citrus Nat
November 28-29 Race Citrus Nationals Palm Beach International Raceway
December 3 Drop trailer and set-up for the Snowbird Nationals
December 4 Race the Snowbird Nationals Bradenton, FL
December 5 COME HOME!!!
December 8 Pick up friends from airport
December 9 Production meeting
December 10-12 PRI show Orlando, FL
December 11 NMCA/NMRA awards banquet
December 12 stay in PJ's all day and eat Bon Bon's!!!!
December 13 Christmas shop and get it done!!!

That is my life, anyone what to join me??? I say this now as I am in the middle of this crazy life, but as soon as the racing season is over then the first words are "when is the next race?" You can be sure that we will be back out in 2010 ready to go!!!

Well hang on it is going to be a great ride!!!! I will try and keep you filled in as much as possible. Keep checking back in 2010, we are going to have some great fun. New cars, additional sponsors, new race tracks, and big announcements. Don't miss a minute.

luv ya,